Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control using HC-05 Bluetooth, NRF24L01 and HC-12 Transceiver Modules

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In this tutorial we will learn how to wirelessly control the Arduino robot car that we made in the previous video. I will show you three different methods of wireless control, using the HC-05 Bluetooth module, the NRF24L01 transceiver module and the HC-12 long range wireless module, as well as, using a Smartphone and a custom-made Android application.

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31 thoughts on “Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control using HC-05 Bluetooth, NRF24L01 and HC-12 Transceiver Modules

  1. configure HC12 to laptop wifi is it possible? instead of using 2 HC12?? Using laptop as a transmitter the python script will perform some action and the signal will send to the receiver bot(arduino) using hc12??

  2. May I have a question, please. With NRF24L01 as i know pin D2 is not PWM pin. How could you use function analogWrite for this pin?

  3. Does anyone know how to tell if your Bluetooth piece is damaged? It takes about a minute for my robot to react after a send the command. It used to work right away, I checked and all the cables are okay.

  4. Bro Can you please tell me that if I use TT gear motors (the yellow one) which has input voltage range of 3-6V and use two 3.7V batteries instead of three?
    Please help… Thanks!

  5. Hello, could you share the aia de carro file, since the one you download from your page does not open in the appinventor, I would greatly appreciate it

  6. I am going to be using different dc motors from those in the video, that are 3v and24000 rpm. Would it affect anything in the circuit?

  7. Using Android phone
    baud rate changed to default 9600 in the Arduino code

    I had to put an If statement on the Mit app
    IF {get current X} is > 250
    set current X to 250
    did the same for the Y

    (things are starting to move, just the wrong way for now)

  8. and serial.write() commands confuses my brain sometimes. The reason is for example for two HC12 we just use this command, without deciding or declaring they are pairs.. If another HC12 exists and try to send a text or command, shouldn't we declare our two HC12 as pairs somehow as in HC05?

    Thanks for your videos!

  9. I created a toggle button in the App inventor the problem is i don't know how to code it in Arduino and where should i add it or insert among the codes of this RC car. Could you please help me? Thanks.

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