Android Game | Bluestacks 3.x 4.x: Install Root SuperSU | GameGuardian

Android PC 7 | Bluestacks 4.x(both 3.x):

Tool game(apk):

If you want use cheat engine pc for it, it can but not good(very slow).
Link Tool(Install root + supersu apk, and more):

#How to(step):
– Open Tweaker Tool 4(default admin).
– Main/Force kill BS.
– Helpers/Unlock(Multi). See status(green text).
– Main/Start BS.
– Helpers/Patch.(Done for Root)
– Bluestacks/My App/ Install APK, find supersu*.apk inside Utils(Tool folder).Waits… and update supersu with Manual(not TWRP/CWM).
– Done for install supersu.
– Full root for you.


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