3D MANEUVER GEAR, CANNONS, FLARES & MORE! || Minecraft Attack On Titan Mod Review

3D MANEUVER GEAR, CANNONS, FLARES & MORE! || Minecraft Attack On Titan Mod Review

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28 thoughts on “3D MANEUVER GEAR, CANNONS, FLARES & MORE! || Minecraft Attack On Titan Mod Review

  1. Well hello there!
    We just stumbled upon this little video and are very happy to see that you like it so far! Unfortunatly it's still work in progress, so there's not much to show. The next update will come very soon though. Here are some explanations: The rifle and cannons are meant to be clunky in usage since they're like that in the anime too. The iceburst stone, according to the attack on titan wiki, is used to create the gas for the 3DMG. They achieve that by heating it, which is why our iceburst stone emits steam, when exposed to the sun or any other light source. The syringe is just there yet, all the titan stuff comes after we finished the 3DMG. The excessive use of iron nuggets is caused by the fact that iron nuggets serve next to no purpose in the base game and we wanted to change that. We're still far away from version 1.0, so people shouldn't expect too much as of yet.

  2. You should make a review of a few lesser known mods, people seem to like those. If you did do that, I would suggest including mining lantern and creatures and beasts, I think it's only in its beta stages but the models look really cool

  3. Ice burst is the material used in the show to make the titan cutting waeapons and manuvering gear so it does not evaporate or break easily

  4. This mod is super cool!! I’ve been trying to learn modding very slowly and making models with blender. I can’t wait to make one for myself that had mobs and behaviors! But for now it’s been texturing I’ve been having fun with. Anyway good luck with your videos and have a wonderful day!

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